Pleasant Pine Labrador Retrievers




About Us

Pleasant Pine Labradors is located 20 miles North of Boston, Massachusetts. Owners, Dick and Karen Kennedy, have been loving, living, training, competing and breeding Labradors since 1990.

We actively breed and train our Labradors, to be loving companion pets and to be competitive in Performance events.

When we are planning litters, we Breed the best Versatile Labrador that we possibly can, paying close attention to Health, Temperament and Trainability.

Occasionally we have puppies who are raised in the house and underfoot with lots of TLC. Most of the Pleasant Pine Labradors are sold on Limited registrations from the American Kennel Club (AKC) to approved homes. A few are placed on Full registrations to Hunt Test, Obedience, Field Trial and Agility homes.

All of our breeding dogs have all of their Health Clearances including, Hip and Elbow X-rays documented with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)Certified Annual Eye clearances yearly, Exercised Induced Collapse (EIC), Certonuclear Myopathy (CNM), Cardiac Echogram by a Certified Canine Cardiologist, Hereditary Nasal Parkeratosis (HNPK), Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Cooper Toxicosis (CT). I also DNA test to determine coat color (Black, Chocolate and Yellow) and recessive (hidden) coat colors as well as testing for Dilute (silver) gene and Brindle (tan point) gene. Both of the last two test are improper coat colors in Labradors.